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About Natirar

From the very first time, it was about the arrival...

Turning into the drive at Natirar, it’s more than a minute – just over a mile – to get to the top of the hill, with enticing glimpses of the Mansion drawing you in. By the time you reach the Mansion, you’re in a different mindset entirely. The environment is magical and inspiring, as peaceful as it is naturally beautiful. 

A Message from our Founder, Bob Wojtowicz

The first time I made the drive, I stood by this magnificent estate, with its endless view of rolling hills and countryside famous for expansive horse farms and beautiful estate homes. I was one hour from New York City, surrounded by historic New Jersey towns, yet a world apart from both. And I knew this was the beginning of something transformative, not only for me and for my family but for area residents and, eventually, for guests from all over the world.

Natirar was built more than a century ago as a private home – a place for family to work together, play together, celebrate together, be together. And while it has served a variety of purposes over the decades, our vision brings it back to its original intent. We’ve simply expanded upon the idea of family. We have begun to realize a vision that encompasses restoration of the Mansion, transformation of historic buildings into culinary gems, and, soon, addition of residences, lodging, and evolution of a fitness facility to include a spa and wellness center. When complete, Natirar will be an even stronger magnet for individuals, couples and families seeking balance and wellbeing in their lives.

For my wife, Kim, what sets Natirar apart is its ability to draw you outside to the landscape, the view, the sunsets, and nature. A master gardener, she had her own impulse upon first coming here: to plunge a shovel into the soil. That vision grew into a 12-acre farm that supplies our restaurant, Ninety Acres – each morning’s harvest delivered directly into the kitchen for guests to enjoy that evening.

From Our Family to Yours

To our family, Natirar is a place to come together and connect with each other and the great outdoors. We are thrilled to share our vision as it comes to fruition. Natirar, the former home of the late King of Morocco will be expanded to feature a luxury boutique hotel - Pendry Natirar - managed by Pendry Hotels, one of the most bespoke hotel management companies in the country. Pendry Hotels is a division of Montage International, the luxury hotel management company. In addition to adding the Pendry Natirar hotel, the property will include a luxury residential development located on a new private street within Natirar named Abby Road, after our first granddaughter!

The first phase of Natirar’s renewal was accomplished in 2009 with the renovation of the carriage house and garage, which is now comprised of Ninety Acres and the Cooking School, opened to much public acclaim.

The Farm at Natirar ensures the quality of seasonal ingredients used by Ninety Acres creates a true “Table at the Farm” experience.  In June of 2017 the Mansion was renovated with several additions including a ballroom for 225 guests featuring a gorgeous living wall over 20 feet wide! Outside of the Mansion as an ideal venue, many Events and small Weddings are held in the Private Dining Room, the Wine Cellar and within the manicured gardens.  

The Club at Natirar is a private membership club for people who share a passion for food, wine, adventure and the desire to be a part of a socially responsible establishment.  The members have many opportunities to enhance and enrich their social, physical and cultural lives through the club programs and trips designed with the sole aim of creating amazing experiences.  

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