Ninety Acres

Drink Menu

Add to your dining experience with a farm-fresh cocktail, glass of wine, or craft beer.


Wine List

View our full wine list here.



johhnie walker red, lemon, ginger syrup & laphroig    
Rosemary Collins
claremont vodka, rosemary syrup, lemon & club soda 
Champagne Cocktail
sugar, specialty bitters & champagne 


Jersey Pine Barrens
Harvest Special - pine infused gin, apple schnapps & granny smith apple juice 

Below Zero
tito’s vodka, orange curacao, blood orange, lime, thyme & ginger beer 

Smoky Winter Night*
pomegranate infused tequila, velvet falernum, rosemary, lemon, lime & bitters 

Miracle on 2 Main Street
bulleit rye, montenegro amaro, creole shrub, sage, lemon, bitters & sparkling 

Natirar Nutcracker*
bluecoat gin, luxardo amaretto, brandy cherries, lemon & egg whites 


Spiced Apple CIder
apple cider, cinnamon syrup, lemon & orange   

Winter Thyme
blood orange juice, thyme, lime & club soda  

Rosemary Lemonade
house made lemonade with our rosemary infused simple syrup    


Daily Selections

We believe in using Biodynamic, Organic and Sustainable ingredients in wines and all of our beverages whenever possible. Food and drink produced in this way have tastes and textures that make the dining experience incredibly unique.

*Menus are subject to seasonality and change*

Light Fare & Share

Casual food at its best! If your appetite calls for a snack, an American staple or a family style meal, we prepare plates to satisfy your inner hunger.



Grilled Country Bread
ricotta & olive oil

French Fries
with aoli

Spiced and Salted Nuts

3 or 5 Meat Platter
choice of country paté, chicken liver, serrano, chorizo, saucisson, duck prosciutto

3 or 5 Artisanal Cheese
choice of bandaged cheddar, st. stephen, purple haze, red hawk, bluebird


Natirar Beet Salad
baby lettuces, goat cheese, hazelnut & cocoa balsamic

Arugula & Frisée
farro, blue cheese, apple, basil & sherry

Grass-Fed Steak Tartare 
cooked yolk, caraway, scallions, mustard & everything lavash

Smoked Potato Soup
crispy potato, scallion, herb oil & crème fraîche 

Yellowfin Tuna Crudo
haricots verts, jalapeño, cucumber, crispy shallot & yuzu miso


River Bend Farms Dry Aged 36oz ribeye


Macaroni & Cheese

Organic Mushrooms
green onions

Mashed Potatoes
olive oil or butter

Brussel Sprouts
sherry, lemon & shallots


Fresh Mozzarella
NJ tomatoes, asiago & basil 

Pork Belly
farm eggs, chilies, fontina, gorgonzola & asiago  

Duck Confit
gorgonzola, organic mushrooms, arugula, hazelnuts & balsamic 

Fried Artichoke Pizza
white bean, ricotta, green olive & red chili


Fried Griggstown Chicken 
mashed potatoes & gravy

Dry Aged Burger 
bacon, fried onions, vulcan chili mayo & fries - add an egg 

*Menus are subject to seasonality and change*

a la carte or prix fixe

Our ever changing a la carte and prix fixe menu is designed with you in mind. Enjoy more contemporary plates.



Hudson Valley Foie Gras Torchon
brioche, blood orange & frisee

Cast Iron Skillet Octopus
chorizo, cipollini onion, roasted potato, arugula & blood orange  

Grass Fed Beef Bolognese
garganelli pasta, red wine & fresh ricotta

Natirar Fried Egg
chicory, bok choy, radish, bonito, crispy rice & nori

Cured Artic Char
parsnips, apple, buddha hand, celery & fresno pepper 


Barnegat Lighthouse Scallops
black garlic, maitake mushroom, salsify & carrots

Pan Roasted Snapper
treviso, turnips, baby carrot, fennel & pomegranate seeds

Seared Organic Ocean Trout
potato latke, crème fraîche, pickled onion & caviar beurre blanc

Olive Oil Poached Swordfish
fennel, cipollini onion, spaghetti squash & carrot  

sepia, little necks, monk fish, lobster, celery root, kale, garlic & herbs 

Acquerello Risotto
organic mushrooms, porcini, fried oregano & herbs 


Poached Griggstown Chicken
black beans, stewed tomatoes, spanish rice & plantain chips 

LI Duck Breast
baby bok choy, asian pear kimchi, celery root & al pastor 

Roasted Rib of Beef & Short Rib
horseradish, cipollini onion, organic mushrooms & beets

Fresh Cranberry & Navy Beans
wild rice, organic mushrooms, eggplant chutney & indian spices

Imperial Wagyu Top Sirloin
coffee, farro, cauliflower, organic mushrooms & onion jam

Black Trumpet Crusted Venison
celery root, organic mushrooms & apples  

*menus are subject to seasonality and change*


Complete your evening with a sweet delight from our pastry team.


Carrot Cake Fritters
spiced caramel & mascarpone ice cream  

Banana Cinnamon Buttercake
candied walnuts, rum ice cream & caramel  

Natirar Chocolate Chip Cookies
with vanilla or malted milk

Chocolate Flourless Torte
chocolate cinnamon fudge & quinoa cocoa nib crispies 

Sweet & Salty Sundae
salted pretzel ice cream, hot fudge, caramel & pretzel crumble

Pie of the Day

Espresso Semifreddo
cinnamon vanilla cookie, espresso caramel & coffee crumb 

dark chocolate, apricot, cherry cinnamon

Ice Cream
pumpkin, mint chocolate chip, cookie dough

*Menus are subject to seasonality and change*


A Beautiful Meal Derived from Farm-Grown Goodness

From small plates to contemporary to prix fixe menus, Ninety Acres offers a dining experience for every palate. As a “Table at the Farm” our chefs transform, naturally grown ingredients straight from The Farm into a variety of nourishing dishes that comfort and excite. Our open kitchen that connects to the Bring Me Food, Chef’s Tasting, breaks down barriers between chef and diner. We invite you both to connect and enjoy a unique culinary experience together.

Our sommeliers and mixologists are eager to find the perfect pairing for your meal. Choose from our extensive wine list, craft beers or farm-fresh cocktails.
We invite you to take a seat, explore the menu, and enjoy the moment.

Executive Chef: David C. Felton  

Executive Sous Chef: Charles Bauer  

Sous Chefs: Sean Carner & Alan Hodgson 

Pastry Chef: Lindsay Stewart  

Wine Director: John Jansma

Senior Mixologist: Christina D'Orta




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