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Ninety Acres specializes in restaurant events that excite all types of foodies, wine lovers, cocktail afficionados and agriculturists alike. Throughout the year we find ways to bring every kind of eater to the same table, even holidays are no exception! We aim to not only expand your belly, but your mind as well. Check out the events below and follow us on Instagram to see the exciting new ways you can enjoy a night out, celebrating all things epicurean.

Monthly Harvest Highlight

Sharing our love of fresh, simple, and home-curated ingredients is a goal we've always taken seriously... BUT as any awesome person will tell you - you should never take yourself too seriously. So as a fun way to include you in our goals, we're choosing a different harvest item to highlight for each month of 2018. Whether this harvest item is peppered into the menu, shaken with your cocktail, a cooking class topic or an exciting restaurant event, you'll taste through ingredients that we enjoy cooking with.

The MONTHLY HARVEST HIGHLIGHT in June is a seasonal seafood favorite: soft shell crabs!

Natirar's 7th Annual Clam Bake

Wednesday, June 20th
6:30 - 9:30pm

For ​the ​second ​year ​in ​a ​row, ​this ​event ​will ​be ​held ​on ​the ​Mansion ​Lawn, ​instead ​of ​the ​farm, ​taking ​in ​the ​gorgeous ​views ​and ​sunset. Our menu will feature Maine lobsters, Long Island clams, house made sausage and more! We will perfectly pair hand-poured craft brews, wine selections, and a specialty cocktail highlighting a ​local ​craft ​distillery. End the night under the stars at our build-your-own shortcake bar by Pastry Chef, Lindsay Stewart. ​ 

Live ​music ​provided ​by ​the ​Todd ​Collins ​Band. 

*This event is Rain or Shine

$125per ​person 
plus tax and service charge

​register here 

Natirar's 7th Annual Crab Boil

Wednesday, July 25th
6:30 - 9:30pm

*Rain Date: Wednesday, August 1st

Join ​us ​for ​a ​fun ​outdoor ​dining ​experience ​featuring ​this ​fresh ​and ​sweet ​shellfish ​served ​with ​traditional ​family ​style ​accompaniments. ​Cheers ​to ​a ​night ​under ​the ​stars ​with ​your ​choice ​of ​this ​season's ​best ​rosé ​wines ​or ​Ninety ​Acres' ​choice ​local ​brew! 

Despite ​the ​name, ​the ​cooking ​technique ​is ​actually ​steaming. ​With ​beer, ​vinegar ​and ​liberal ​seasoning, ​crabs ​are ​placed ​in ​pots ​to ​steam. ​Afterwards, ​the ​bright ​red ​crabs ​are ​pulled ​up ​and ​turned ​out ​onto ​platters. ​Tables ​are ​covered ​with ​layers ​of ​brown ​paper ​or ​newspaper ​and ​wooden ​mallets ​are ​provided ​for ​cracking ​claws ​to ​easily ​remove ​the ​crabmeat. 

$105per ​person 
plus tax and service charge

register here 

Walk Around Wine Tasting:
Wine & Food - Crack the Code

Saturday, July 14th
12:00 - 3:00pm

We ​kick ​of ​the ​2018 ​Walk ​Around ​Wine ​Tasting ​Series ​with ​plenty ​of ​delicious ​answers ​to ​the ​age ​old ​question: ​How ​do ​I ​pair ​my ​wine ​with ​my ​food? ​This ​exciting ​new ​twist ​to ​the ​Walk ​Arounds ​will ​undoubtedly ​equip ​you ​with ​not ​only ​the ​knowledge ​you ​need ​for ​you ​next ​dinner ​party, ​but ​with ​some ​new ​favorites. ​Variety ​in ​food ​and ​wine ​will ​be ​abundant ​as ​will ​the ​knowledge ​from ​our ​sommelier ​and ​guest ​vendors. ​We ​look ​forward ​to ​seeing ​you ​there!  ​ 

*This event is Rain or Shine

$85per ​person 
plus tax and 20% service charge

register here 

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