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Ninety Acres specializes in restaurant events that excite all types of foodies, wine lovers, cocktail afficionados and agriculturists alike. Throughout the year we find ways to bring every kind of eater to the same table, even holidays are no exception! We aim to not only expand your belly, but your mind as well. Check out the events below and follow us on Instagram to see the exciting new ways you can enjoy a night out, celebrating all things epicurean.

Monthly Harvest Highlight

Sharing our love of fresh, simple, and home-curated ingredients is a goal we've always taken seriously... BUT as any awesome person will tell you - you should never take yourself too seriously. So as a fun way to include you in our goals, we're choosing a different harvest item to highlight for each month of 2018. Whether this harvest item is peppered into the menu, shaken with your cocktail, a cooking class topic or an exciting restaurant event, you'll taste through ingredients that we enjoy cooking with.

The MONTHLY HARVEST HIGHLIGHT in April is a delicious and beautiful sign of spring - sprouts and shoots! 

Featured Menu Additions for April
Casarecce Pasta crispy duck confit, chanterelles, zucchini, fava beans, squash puree & frilly red mustard greens Roasted & Braised Spring Lamb braised chic pea, basmati rice, swiss chard, cilantro & greek yogurt 
Risotto English pea puree, snow peas, snap peas, maitakes, leeks & brown butter solids 
Asparagus Pizza maitakes, fontina, garlic oil & parmesan 
Spring Harvest Salad crudo of raw and blanched veggies, early peas, baby carrots, spring lettuce & parmesan 
Naturally Raised Beef Ribeye spring onion, spring garlic, multicolor potato & kale 
Side of Asparagus, Sugar Snaps & Snow Peas salsa verde 
Rhubarb Upside Down Cake vanilla ice cream, white chocolate crumble and rhubarb sauce

Hibiscus Daiquiri hibiscus infused rum, fresh lime juice & simple syrup 

Cooking School
Bring Home the Natirar Farm - Vegetable Garden Starter

7th Annual Tax Day Beefsteak Dinner

The Mansion at Natirar
Tuesday, April 17th
6:30 - 9:30pm

Our ​seventh ​year ​is ​a ​wonderful ​excuse ​to ​bring ​your ​friends ​to ​the ​Mansion ​at ​Natirar ​for ​a ​dinner ​that ​celebrates the popular 19th century feasting tradition focusing on the signature item, the Beefsteak - a thinly sliced, butter-soaked loin of beef served with bread and plenty of beer!  ​This ​event ​is ​unlike ​any ​other...inclusive ​of ​a ​cocktail ​hour, ​live ​music, ​and ​all ​you ​can ​eat ​beef ​loving ​and ​bread ​tower ​making ​fun. ​That's ​right ​- ​you ​can ​play ​with ​your ​food! ​Don ​an ​apron ​in ​case ​things ​get ​messy ​and ​celebrate ​your ​tax ​refund. 

Live Music Provided by Owls & Lions

​$125per ​person 
inclusive of tax & service

register here

Natirar Concert Series Welcomes Back: Mark Rivera of Billy Joel

The Mansion at Natirar
Thursday, May 10th
8:00 - 10:00pm

Savor ​a ​spring ​night ​under ​the ​stars ​on ​the ​Mansion ​patio ​while ​enjoying ​refreshing ​libations, ​noshes ​and ​notable ​entertainment. ​We ​are ​excited ​to ​welcome ​back ​this ​wonderful ​musical ​performance! ​Billy ​Joel's ​saxist ​Mark ​Rivera ​and ​his ​friend ​Jim ​Nuzzo ​on ​the ​keys ​rocked ​the ​house ​last ​June, ​and ​we've ​been ​looking ​forward ​to ​dancing ​the ​night ​away ​with ​them ​once ​more. ​ 

Ninety ​Acres ​will ​prepare ​a ​specially ​priced ​prix-fixe ​menu ​for ​ticket ​holders. ​Inclusive ​of ​admission ​is ​a ​two ​hour ​open ​bar ​and ​snacks. ​ 

​Concert: $100per ​person 
inclusive of tax & service

register here

Prix ​Fixe ​Menu: ​$55per ​person 
plus ​tax ​and ​20% ​service ​charge 
for ​reservations ​call ​908.901.9500

Spring Wine Dinner with Sommelier Patrick Cappiello

Ninety Acres at Natirar
Thursday, May 10th
6:30 - 9:30pm

Raise ​your ​glass ​to ​Spring ​as ​we ​welcome ​Patrick ​Cappiello ​to ​co-host ​this ​three ​course ​dinner ​celebrating ​all ​the ​different ​flavors ​of ​wine ​that ​we ​love ​for ​this ​season. ​Enjoy ​everything ​from ​sparkling ​wine ​to ​white ​to ​rosé ​and ​red ​wines ​too ​- ​what ​a ​blast! ​ 

$140 ​per ​person 
inclusive ​of ​tax ​and ​service ​charge

​register here 

About ​Patrick: ​ 
-Wine ​Director ​of ​Scampi ​Restaurant, ​Walnut ​Street ​Café, ​and ​the ​Renegade ​Wine ​Dinner 
-Chef ​Sommelier ​for ​Daniel ​Johnnes ​"La ​Paulée", ​Food ​& ​Wine ​host ​for ​Playboy 
-Founding ​member ​of ​Winemakers ​& ​Sommeliers ​for ​California ​Wildfire ​Relief 
-His ​cellars ​have ​been ​recipients ​of ​Wine ​Spectators ​"Grand ​Award"; ​Tribeca ​Grill, ​Veritas, ​GILT, ​and ​Pearl ​& ​Ash 
-Named ​"Sommelier ​of ​the ​Year ​2014" ​by ​Food ​& ​Wine ​Magazine 
-"Wine ​Person ​of ​the ​Year ​2014" ​by ​Imbibe ​Magazine 
-"Sommelier ​of ​the ​Year ​2015" ​by ​Eater ​National 
-Featured ​in ​the ​New ​York ​Times, ​Food ​& ​Wine ​Magazine, ​Men's ​Journal, ​the ​New ​York ​Post, ​Martha ​Stewart, ​and ​Wine ​Spectator​ 

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