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Ninety Acres specializes in restaurant events that excite all types of foodies, wine lovers, cocktail afficionados and agriculturists alike. Throughout the year we find ways to bring every kind of eater to the same table, even holidays are no exception! We aim to not only expand your belly, but your mind as well. Check out the events below and follow us on Instagram to see the exciting new ways you can enjoy a night out, celebrating all things epicurean.

Wine Dinner Featuring Ronchi di Cialla

Thursday, October 18th
7:00 - 9:30pm

Ronchi ​Di ​Cialla, ​meaning ​“hills ​of ​Cialla”, ​is ​located ​in ​a ​small ​valley ​surrounded ​by ​chestnut, ​oak ​and ​wild ​cherry ​woods ​in ​the ​DOC ​Friuli ​Colli ​Orientali. ​The ​sunny ​slopes ​of ​the ​small ​Cialla ​valley ​have ​been ​planted ​with ​vineyards ​for ​centuries. ​We ​look ​forward ​to ​welcoming ​this ​unique ​winery ​to ​the ​dinner ​table ​at ​Ninety ​Acres ​where ​this ​intimate ​event ​will ​pair ​a ​four-course ​meal ​to ​the ​select ​wines. ​Bon ​Appétit! 

Wines ​to ​be ​served ​include: 
Ronchi ​di ​Cialla ​Ribolla ​Gialla ​2017 
Ciallabianco ​2015 ​& ​Ciallabianco ​2006 
Refosco ​2015 ​& ​Refosco ​2006 
Schioppettino ​2013 ​& ​Schioppettino ​1996 
Picolit ​2011 

$155per ​person 
all inclusive

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Wine Education Series

Wednesdays: 10/24, 11/7, 11/14
6:30 - 7:30pm

This ​series ​of ​classes ​is ​meant ​for ​the ​casual ​drinker ​or ​a ​beginner ​to ​the ​world ​of ​wine ​to ​more ​intermediate ​knowledge ​levels. ​Our ​sommelier ​will ​cover ​the ​world ​in ​eight ​weeks ​and ​teach ​you ​how ​to ​taste ​like ​a ​pro! ​Each ​week ​will ​cover ​a ​new ​region ​as ​we ​taste ​through ​four ​wines ​each ​night. ​ 
Feel ​free ​to ​jump ​into ​the ​series ​at ​any ​time! ​You ​will ​not ​need ​to ​be ​at ​previous ​classes ​to ​enjoy ​the ​rest. ​ 

$50per ​person 

Register Here:
September 19th - One - Done
September 26th - Two - Done
October 3rd - Three - Done
October 10th - Four - Done
October 17th - Five - Done
October 24th - Six
November 11th - Seven
November 14th - Eight

Wine Master Classes

Sundays: 10/28, 11/11
5:00 - 6:30pm

A ​more ​intense ​study ​of ​the ​specific ​region ​by ​taste, ​with ​the ​guidance ​of ​our ​Sommeliers. ​ 

$100per ​person 

Register Here:
September 23rd - Tuscany - Done
October 14th - Bordeaux - Done
October 28th - Burgundy
November 11th - Champagne

Wine Dinner Featuring Brunello di Montalcino

Friday, November 2nd
7:00 - 10:00pm

This four course wine dinner features a wine we love and know you will too! We welcome Alberto Passeri, vineyard manager and director at La Gerla in Montalcino, Tuscany.

Their first vintage was 1976, making La Gerla one of the first 35 bottlers of Brunello di Montalcino; these days, there are 280.  Today, La Gerla consists of 11.5 hectares. The estate  makes five wines, all made entirely from Sangiovese Grosso, the only grape planted on the property.

$155per ​person 
all inclusive

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Wine Dinner Featuring Punset Winery in Barbaresco

Thursday, November 8th
7:00 - 10:00pm

We’re honored to be joined by Marina Marcarino from Punset Winery in Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy. She is flying from Italy directly to host this four-course dinner event with Natirar! HOW COOL!?

A leader in Organic and Biodynamic wines, Marina has lead the charge against conventional farming and the use of chemicals.

From Marina: “I want to but also contend with the world of conventional wines, and demonstrate that it possible to raise high quality and reputation working in respect for nature, for the environment and for ourselves.”

Included in the lineup are some Library wines direct from the winery from famous vintages such as 2011 which we will be serving from Magnum. This will also be our LAST wine dinner of the season and our last winemaker visit until 2019!

$155per ​person 
all inclusive

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