Ninety Acres

Take a Seat in Our Kitchen

Imagine the experience of dining in a chef’s home: Discuss your favorite culinary pleasures and observe them preparing ingredients from their back yard while enjoying wine picked from their personal and extensive cellar.

* We are not currently offering Bring Me Food *

Reserve a table in this dining area extending from our open kitchen and savor multiple courses of Natirar's farm-fresh cuisine. Once seated, your menu presented is a list of ever revolving seasonal ingredients which will be prepared for your culinary delight. Each course is artfully designed and served to you with an open conversation about the particular techniques and ingredients during preparation. This is what our chefs have imagined for your dining experience in the Bring Me Food (BMF) dining area. 

Extend your palate with our Sommelier’s wine pairings, perfectly designed to parallel each creation. We encourage you to discuss your meal as each course is presented by one of Ninety Acres' talented chefs; there are no secrets in our kitchen.

Natirar has re-designed the traditional “tasting menu” so you can sit, relax, and enjoy the entire experience of us bringing you food.

Make it Your Lifestyle