2018 CSA Program

The same farm fresh eggs, vegetables, berries and herbs used by our chefs at Niney Acres are available to you in our weeklys CSA Program. Our 20 week CSA program begins in June and runs through November. Various shares are offered, designed to meet the needs of your family. 

  1. We Invite You to Join


-Full ​Share
​8 ​vegetables ​for ​20 ​weeks 

8vegetables ​for ​10 ​weeks(Ideal ​for ​smaller ​families) 

-Half ​Share
4vegetables ​for ​20 ​weeks(Ideal ​for ​those ​who ​travel ​often or singles) 

Perks: Fresh herb bunch included weekly
-­‐    Free  admittance to farm tours
-­‐    Weekly recipes from our chefs & cooking school instructors
-­‐    Can’t get here by 3pm? Full shares can be packed in our Natirar Fresh insulated bag and picked up at the Ninety Acres host desk until 11pm. Only full shares may be picked up after hours. Half share selections must be made at the farm stand from 10-3pm

Add ​Ons: 

Farm fresh eggs
1 dozen for 20 weeks
½ dozen for 20 weeks
1 dozen for 10 weeks

Bouquet for 20 weeks
Bouquet 10 weeks

Natirar Honey and Compost are also available for sale!

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