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About Natirar

Rooted in History, Cultivating the Future

Natirar is a gateway to another time, an escape where guests embrace wellness at an entirely new level. Rich history, modern luxury, and the wonder of nature create a wellspring from which to refill your cup and inspire a brighter, bolder future.

From private residence, to convalescent home for women, to King of Morocco estate, to open space preservation by Somerset County, the 500 acre Natirar estate has had a dynamic 1st 100 years. Our public-private partnership between Somerset County and Natirar Resort Development has created the platform for a revival of this historic estate into a luxury resort that will always remember its roots.

Natirar is the story of the creative re-birth of a retreat, a place to energize, to stay healthy in a manner consistent with one’s quality of life.  An elegant all encompassing resort with an emphasis on staying healthy.  A focus which directly correlates back over 100 years to the history of the Natirar Estate when Kate Macy and Walter Ladd invited those who were in need of renewal and retreat to take respite on their Estate.

The first phase of Natirar’s renewal was accomplished in 2009 with the renovation of the carriage house and garage, which is now comprised of Ninety Acres and the Cooking School, opened to much public acclaim.  The Farm at Natirar ensures the quality of seasonal ingredients used by Ninety Acres creates a true “Table at the Farm” experience.  Many Events and small Weddings are held in the Private Dining Room, the Wine Cellar and within the manicured gardens.  

The Club at Natirar is a private membership club for people who share a passion for food, wine, adventure and the desire to be a part of a socially responsible establishment.  The members have many opportunities to enhance and enrich their social, physical and cultural lives through the club programs and trips designed with the sole aim of creating amazing experiences for the members.  

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